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About Me


My research interests include using pollen and other geochemical proxies to reconstruct past climate and environmental change during the Holocene. I also seek to gain insight into the feedbacks between human cultural practices and the surrounding environment in the past using archaeological and paleoecological data.  Studying the dynamic interactions between climate, vegetation, and human systems is imperative to increase our understanding of modern human impacts under current climate change conditions. 

I believe science is for all. Therefore, education and outreach are essential tenants of my career goals. I envision myself in a teaching position or in a museum setting where I have the opportunity to develop curriculum and outreach programs to connect people to science and increase public engagement.  



I received a BS in Geology and a BA in Anthropological Perspectives (Archaeology concentration) from SUNY Binghamton in 2019. Since then I have been pursuing my PhD in the Department of Geosciences at Penn State University. 

ASOM Project

I am lucky to be a part of the paleoecology team of the Ancient Socio-ecological Systems of Oman (ASOM) project. This project aims to assess how environmental change affects pastoralist behavior, as well as how cultural practices shape the landscape. Read more on the project's webpage (link below).

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