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Adventures in Exhibit Installation!

I have been working on an exciting project with Dr. Kimberly Lau and the College of EMS Museum & Art Gallery here at Penn State. Dr. Lau funded this exhibit on Cretaceous Oceans and Climate through an NSF grant. I have been working as the Project Manager to help get the exhibit installed as well as evaluate how effective the exhibit is at communicating information on the topic. The evaluation part of the project is being done in collaboration with Dr. Sarah Ivory, the instructor of the undergraduate Geobiology course (and my awesome advisor). I designed lab assignments for the Geobiology students which helps them learn about museum collections and engage with exhibits, while also providing the project useful data about our exhibit! More to come on that... for now, I am wrangling this cool vinyl decal! (The Triceratops art was done by Rebecca Horwitt, link to her website here:

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